Run Happy

Morning! It’s Friday!! Yay! We started off the morning with a great 4 mile run around our new neighborhood. And obvi I had to snap a pic before we started. Goooood morning Brendan! (Our outfits matched. Not planned. But I loved it. ) As many of you know Brendan is a FAST runner, and now that … More Run Happy

Happy Trails 

Good morning!  Let me just start by saying I love the commuter rail. (It’s only Day 2). Currently I’m sitting in my own seat, listening to Matty In The Morning, surrounded by friendly people who greet each other.  This is great. (Remind me I said that in the winter when I’m hating it or experiencing … More Happy Trails 

Swim Etiquette

Hi there! If you are like me, you don’t worry about a lot of things, but random, small things stress you out. For example, going to the dry cleaners. Our lovely dog Cora peed all over our new white comforter, and we needed to have it dry cleaned. I’m a 31 year old woman who … More Swim Etiquette

Let It Go

After an exhausting work day, the best remedy is hitting your feet on the pavement to the beat of your favorite music. For me yesterday, the first song that came on my playlist was “Let It Go”. Yup! That’s right. From Disney’s Frozen. And it couldn’t have been more perfect.  I jogged along the waterfront, … More Let It Go